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We hope to create opportunities for the best youth hockey players in the world. We help players take the next step. We look forward to learning about your player and helping him achieve unlimited potential and value from the great game of hockey. Please see opportunities below. Even if team is full under rare circumstances players can’t participate opening up opportunities for other players. Please complete form to be notified of opening. Only one form is required to be filled out. Questions and player inquiries  email myedgehockey@gmail.com

Training (Calendar)

2020 Training, Development and Tournament Program

Our 2020 Spring Summer Program is for players in 2013 to 2002 age groups that will play 3-4 Elite Spring/Summer Tournaments. We have age group elite training in Minnesota that incorporate the latest technology and research. Our players come from all over the world looking for opportunities to develop, showcase and reach hockey potential.

For more info email MyEdgeHockey@gmail.com

For more information contact myedgehockey@gmail.com.

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Myedgehockey is a Minnesota Non Profit Corporation. We offer Elite Training, Development and Competition Opportunity to top players.