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Why We Exist


“Organic, Unique, and Modern at its best!” 

MyEdge Hockey Provides a Fresh and Modern approach to player development, team training, and expert coaching – it’s the complete package. 

Josh Kern, MyEdge Hockey Director of Player Development provides innovative hockey training development methods to bring the skill base of the next generation of Minnesota hockey players to a new level.

MyEdge Hockey provides athletes the opportunity to train, develop, and compete at the highest levels, led by our expert coaching staff. 

Our commitment is to develop athletes by implementing modern training combined with technology teaching through age-appropriate skill set development training methods.  

We are passionate about monitoring and developing elite athletes through our unique skill development advancement programs and teams.

MyEdge provides opportunities for high-end players to compete in top AAA tournaments and to gain access to modern training and exposure. 

We have the most potent formula for developing elite hockey players to achieve their ultimate goals.  While we bring in players from many different Minnesota communities, they all share a bond about their passion for the game and dedication towards real success.  This formula not only establishes a higher sense of community and brotherhood, but it also furthers healthy competition when playing with and against the top players in the area.  To be an “Enforcer“ is not only about supporting your development but also about committing to something bigger than yourself. 

Developing genuine leaders is a long process that takes daily mentorship, education, and commitment from parents, teachers, and coaches. Our staff is dedicated to our mission of developing elite athletes. When a player joins our program, they become part of our family, and we will do “our part” to make a difference in every athlete, every day.  We will share our life experiences with these athletes to continuously mentor and motivate them to become standouts among their peers and communities.