Fall Tier 1 Schedule

Team Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend
U18 Elite Tier 1 (18 practices 24 games) Off Practice Off Practice Possible Games 24 Games
U16 Elite Tier 1 (18 practices 24 games) Off Practice Off Practice Possible Games 24 Games
U15 Elite Tier 1 (18 practices, 24 games) Practice Off Practice Off Possible Games 24 Games
U14 Elite Tier 1 (12 practices, 12 games) Practice Off Practice Off Possible Games 12 Games

Minnesota Enforcers Tier I Program - Fall 2021

We provide players and goalies professional coaching and training, expert instruction, specialty-individualized training, in-game positioning drills, on-ice real-time video analysis, and AAA elite tournaments and showcases

Teams/Levels: U18 (03-04), U16 (05), & U15 (non-Bantam 06), U15 (06) & U14 (07) (Bantams)

Dates: Starting in mid-August and ending Nov 5 for High School players and September 30 for Bantam players.

Tournaments: Each team will have games and practices.

Practices (Parade Ice Garden) & Games: 

HS Players: 18 practices, approximately 24 games

Bantam Players: 12 practices, 12 games

Team Rosters: 17 players (3 lines and 2 goalies)

Rostered Players: Players that play in the tournaments will be USA Hockey rostered and can only be rostered under one USA hockey team roster

Elite Prospects Profile: Elite Prospects is a statistical online hockey player database that tracks individual player statistics

Rink Locations: Parade Ice Garden, Breck Ice Arena, Highland Ice Arena, St. Louis Park, Eden Prairie CC, Braemar, Super Rink, Brooklyn Park, and other centrally located rinks

Fee: $1,750 (Jersey, socks, tournaments, and showcases included) for High School age players. $995 for Bantam age players. 1-2 practice player only options available ($1250 HS, $650 Bantam)

Submit profile for consideration: https://myedgehockey.sportngin.com/register/who/062902036

iCal Calendar: https://www.myedgehockey.com/page/show/5955658-calendar

Highlight Video: https://youtu.be/OStQznkO62w

Website: https://www.myedgehockey.com/page/show/6015222-boys-fall-tier-1-2021-

Contact: Hampus Sjodahl - Director of Boys AAA Hockey