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Better Training, Higher Level Tournaments, Prepare to Dominate!  MyEdge Hockey Creates Opportunities and Provides Training to help shape the next generation of Elite Hockey Players!

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Makaila Anderson

Makaila Anderson

Director of Girls AAA Hockey

Phone: (701) 721-7753

Minnesota Enforcers AAA HOCKEY

2021 Teams Girls

“We provide players and goalies with professional coaching and training, expert instruction, specialty-individualized training, in-game positioning drills, on-ice real-time video analysis, and AAA elite tournaments. Our goal is to provide players with all the necessary tools and skills to make it to the next level.”  

Makaila Anderson– Minot, ND
Director of Girls Hockey - Minnesota Enforcers


When an athlete joins our program, they become part of our family, and we will do our part to make a difference. Our unique training grid will provide athletes with the newest hockey training combined with today’s technology to compete at the highest level. The Spirit of the MN Enforcers hockey programs and athletes has little to do with what is being taught, and more about how it is being communicated to the athlete. 

Professional coaching, specialty-individualized training, dry-land training, and highly-competitive tournaments are the pillars of our program. Athletes will have the opportunity to compete, to be challenged, and to be mentored by developing high caliber athletes through age-appropriate and age-specific modern skill development, conditioning, and leadership training.

Part of the Enforcers philosophy is that the best competition challenges players to be their best. The underlying principle in this belief is that highly skilled players in competition with others of similar skills can learn more about teamwork and the game of hockey as a result of their coaches developing players into a cohesive team that can all execute and understand at the same level. Enforcers’ coaches stress individual skill sets, in-game drills, systems development, modern training, technology, and teamwork. 


Dates2021 Summer Season May 24th to mid-August

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Single Player Tournament Registration

$250 for single player registrations

Professional Hockey Staff — Enforcers coaching will be provided by MyEdge Hockey full-time professional hockey staff. Focus will be on developing elite hockey players and providing a path to higher levels of hockey. Modern on-and-off ice training to be led by Makaila Anderson and staff.

Girls Teams — Levels/Birth Years: 19U (02-04), 16U (04, 05), 15U (05, 06), 14U (06, 07), 13U (08), 12U (09), 11U (10), 10U (11), 9U (12), 8U (13), 7U (14)

Games/Tournaments — The team’s tournaments and games form a competitive environment for players to gain experience as well as to test their progress as individuals and as a team. Program will play against top level competition including 3-4 AAA tournaments. Tournaments are included in the price of the program.

  • Summer Showdown – June 11-13 (Minneapolis)
  • International Cup AAA – August 5-8 (Minneapolis)
  • Easton AAA Cup - August 19-22 (Minneapolis)

International Cup looking for teams at the 14u, 16u and 19u levels

Easton Cup looking for teams at the 14u, 16u, and 19u levels

Season Fee & Roster limit — The fee for the spring/summer program is 1,250. The fee includes jersey, socks, tournaments, and showcases. The rosters are limited to 17 players (15 skaters and 2 goalies) per team.
Note: Additional practice players will be allowed to practice with the team, both on-ice and off-ice, but practice players will not participate in tournaments. 

Uniforms/Apparel — Uniforms for on-ice activities are included in the program fee and will be provided by MyEdge Hockey. This includes a jersey and socks.  Additional apparel items may be purchased online at

Player  Consultations — Providing specific focuses and establishing personal goals is a valuable tool to further motivate athletes. It is even more useful when that athlete’s support system is aligned with those focuses and goals. This is a process that we like to take advantage of through organized discussions with our players. Our Staff offers scheduled meetings to go over an athlete’s individual strengths, working points, and also help them establish their own player identity. Within these discussions, we can provide healthy direction about focal points for their development and cover specific ways for that individual to benefit from our staff and program. Off-season planning as a whole is another valuable service for that athlete and his family. For many elite hockey players, there is an abundance of other programs, services, events, clinics, and leagues that are offered and heavily marketed toward them. We provide clarity and realistic expectations of those opportunities so you can make better decisions about which programs and services are worthwhile.

Training Guidance — Enforcer Hockey's programming and services are organized to provide the utmost opportunities for our athletes to develop and learn. Through a specifically orchestrated and well-rounded approach supported by an elite and passionate staff, we have what is necessary for athletes of any age to achieve growth and success at a high level. Each aspect of the player experience here is supplemented by professional instruction and a healthy, competitive environment. Individual player growth is a top priority on and off the ice. The structure of our program allows our staff to provide feedback and instruction to each individual at all times.


Makaila Anderson

Makaila Anderson

Director of Girls AAA Hockey

Phone: (701) 721-7753