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Spring, Summer, & Fall Elite Training 2021


We provide players and goalies professional training, expert instruction, specialty-individualized training, in-game drills combined with on-ice real-time video analysis. Focusing on individualized skill development combined with video technology creating a truly unique training environment for the elite players. Training the newer generation of hockey players, the game of hockey, more specifically, teaching the advanced athlete the newest hockey techniques and terminologies.


We are working to build a set of tools for each player that will strengthen their game and maximize their in-game effectiveness. This skillset will define a player as they progress in their career and will ultimately decide how far they will go in the game of hockey. They are building their “brand.” They are forming their own dynasty as a hockey player. This year will mark the beginning in the quest to achieve their goals.


Levels: Mites through Pro (Player and Goalie Training). Note: Player levels may be combined depending on level of play.

Dates/Schedule (Players & Goalies):

Pro/College/Jr A (June 2 through Aug 14)

High School Elite (May 7 through Nov 10)

High School (May 7 through Nov 10)

Bantam (May 7 through Sep 30)

PeeWee (May 8 through Sep 30)

Squirt (May 8 through Sep 30)

Mite (May 8 through Sep 30) 

Note: No Training during April 16-18, April 30-May 2, Jun 18-20, July 2-15, and Aug 27-29


On-ice Training: 3 1hr on-ice training sessions per week

Roster Size: 20 players per level

Rink Locations: Parade Ice Garden

Practices: High tempo practices to continue to develop high performance skill sets. We will aim to develop you in all areas of the game. All athletes will be pushed and expected to perform on-ice drills at game speed with game intensity. We will be using the most up-to-date hockey training techniques and tools combined with technology teaching (real-time on-ice video break-down).  


Specializing in teaching all skill sets; powerskating, stickhandling, puck protection, shooting, passing, positioning, job roles, and in-game situational drills.  We are passionate about monitoring and developing high-end athletes, staff instructors and coaches, and proud to bring the most up-to-date hockey instruction.  These elite training methods and innovative hockey developments brings the base-line skill level of the next generation players to another level.  Our passion is training the newer generation of hockey players the “NEW” game of hockey. Video analysis will be telestrated on a TV Monitor to provide real-time instant feedback for individual technique breakdown, in-game drills and team positioning; O-Zone, N-Zone and D-Zone.


Registration Options:

Pro/College/Jr A

June 2 - Aug 14 (Summer)

  • Summer (8 weeks) $1000

High School Elite (12 Grade) & High School (10-11 Grades)

Spring May 7 - May 30 (4 weeks)

Summer June 4 - Aug 15 (8 weeks)

Fall Aug 20 - Nov 10 (10 weeks)

  • Spring, Summer, Fall (22 weeks) $2,350
  • Spring & Fall (14 weeks) $1,600
  • Summer & Fall (18 weeks) $2,000
  • Fall (10 weeks) $1,250

Bantam (8-9 Grades)PeeWee (6-7 Grades), Squirt (4-5 Grades), Mite (3 Grade & Under)

Note: Bantams start May 7

Spring May 8 - May 30 (4 weeks)

Summer June 3 - Aug 15 (8 weeks)

Fall Aug 19 - Sep 30 (5 weeks)

  • Spring, Summer, Fall) 17 weeks $1,900
  • Spring only (4 weeks) $500
  • Summer only (8 weeks) $1,000
  • Spring & Summer (12 weeks) $1,400
  • Fall (5 weeks) $1,125
  • Summer & Fall (13 weeks) $1,500
  • Fall (5 weeks) $625



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Contact: Josh Kern - Director of Hockey Operations & Player Development
(612)666-3930 or





Josh Kern

Josh Kern

Co-owner/Director of Hockey Operations & Player Development

Phone: (612) 666-3930

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